"Electronics and Communications"

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About: "Electronics and Communications" - scientific and technical journal, which is included in the List specialized scientific publications in Ukraine (approved by the Bureau HAC of Ukraine from 09.06.1999, the № 1-05/7). The journal publishes the results of research professionals, materials, theses and advanced technical expertise. Founded in 1995, a certificate of re-KB № 9314 from 03.11.2004.
The founders of the journal: Faculty of electronics, National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies
Scientific and technical journal «Electronics and Communication» comes out 6 times a year and covers following sections:
Solid-state electronics;
Vacuum, plasma and quantum electronics;
Power electronics;
Theory of signals and systems;
Methods and means of processing signals and images;
Electronic systems;
Biomedical devices and systems;
Acoustical devices and systems;
Informational systems and technologies;
Systems of telecommunication, communication and information protection;
Systems of computer-aided design;
Young scientist;
Problems of preparation of specialists;
News of science and technics.
Journal articles are published in Russian, Ukrainian and English.
Volume of manuscript is:
Review article - 1 sheet;
original article - 0,5 printed sheet;
a short message - 0,25 printing sheet;
Letter to the Editor - 0,1 printer's sheet.
(1 printed page corresponds to 20 pages of text, 12 pt. sesquialteral with intervals).
Address: off. 116, Politekhnichna Str., 16, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine. Tel.: (044) 454-94-39. E-mail: journal_el_com@fel.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua