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About the journal
Founded: 1997. ISSN: 1810-0546. Certificate of state registration: KB № 2863 from 26.09.1997. Frequency: 1 times per month. Language: Ukrainian. Founder: The National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" The journal publishes only new results in basic and applied research on the subject of the magazine, which had not been previously published in other scientific publications in Ukraine or abroad.
Requirements for Articles
According to the Decree № 7-05/1 HAC of Ukraine from 15.01.2003 was accepted for publication only research papers that have the necessary structural elements.
1. Introduction:
a) the general problem and its relation to important scientific and practical tasks, and
b) a brief analysis of recent research and publications, which began to address this problem and relied upon by the author, and
c) selection of the unsolved questions of the problem which the article covers.
2. Problem Statement - statement of purpose of the article.
3. Summary of the basic research material with full justification of scientific results with the division into parts with corresponding names. In this section, it is recommended to highlight issues such as: a) a thorough review of the existing solutions of the problem (if necessary) and b) the relevance of the task,) the choice of methods, approaches, models and tools for solving the problem, d) proper communication solutions delivered tasks, and e) the adequacy of the theoretical solutions and practical advantages over existing solutions e) examples of the application of the results.
4. Conclusions: a) The results of this study, b) the prospects for further work in this direction.
5. References. Editorial Board draws the attention of the authors that the article title should be brief and most accurately reflect the essence of the studies.
Article submitted by the author on white paper in two copies in an envelope or folder. Each instance together with a summary and information about authors should be sealed with a stapler.
The first copy of the article - the font "Times New Roman Cyr" (type size - 10), print, single spaced, justified, the pages are completely filled with text. The volume of first instance should not exceed 6 pages for original and 10 pages - to review articles.
The second copy - the font "Times New Roman Cyr" (type size - 14), print double-spaced, left aligned. The manuscript is accompanied by: - ​​CV (initials and surnames of authors, title, text) in Ukrainian, Russian and English - 2.: The first instance - the font "Times New Roman Cyr" (type size - 10), print, single-spaced, second copy - the font "Times New Roman Cyr" (type size - 14), print double-spaced; Expert '(if necessary) stamped and the possibility of an open publication - 1 copy. extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Council of the Faculty or an appropriate separate unit of "KPI" (articles by authors who do not work at the university, forwarded to the relevant councils of editorial board) - 1 copy. - Information about the author (surname, name, degree, academic status, place of employment, position, home or business address, phone number and email address for communication) - 1 copy. - Electronic version of the paper files (first and second copies. Articles, abstracts and information about the author).
Requirements for Manuscripts
1. Language: Ukrainian.
2. Page Options: Indent the top and bottom - 2 cm, left - 2,5 m, right - 1,5 cm pagination - in the upper right corner. The first page is not numbered.
3. Key elements of article posted in the following sequence: the number of UDC in big letters, single spaced with a paragraph - the initials and surname of the author (s) in lower case, single-spaced - the article title big bold letters, single spaced with a paragraph - the name of a structural element of Article single-spaced with paragraph - text, single spaced with paragraph - name of the next structural element of the article, the application, if any, references.
4. The article must adhere to the terminology and symbols in accordance with accepted international and national standards. Using a new term or abbreviation, the author must decipher and explain them.
5. When choosing physical units should follow the SI system.
6. Formulas, figures, tables, partitions are simply the Arabic sequentially numbered. You should not label the structural elements of the article and the formula if they are not referenced in the text. Tables should not duplicate graphics.
7. References given in order of mention. Irrelevance of the unpublished and unfinished work.
References should contain the necessary references to recent developments on the subject of the article.
Bibliographic description should correspond to the front page edition. Titles of articles, as well as mongrafy, collections, works of meetings, abstracts, dissertation abstracts are given in full. For articles necessarily indicate their name, title of publication, year, volume number, starting and ending pages for monographs - the place of publication (city), publisher, publication date, the total number of pages.

File Requirements:
1. The text of the article is printed in a text editor "WORD" to meet the following requirements: font "Times New Roman Cyr" (for the first instance type size - 10 for the second - 14), printing - the first at-measuring device through the one interval, for the second - double-spaced, automatic hyphenation is not used, left justified, paragraph begins by pressing the TAB ". Push ENTER" be used only to indicate the end of the paragraph.
2. Formulas are typed in the formula editor "Microsoft Equation 3.0" or MathType. This also applies to formulas that are given in the text. When set to make the following settings: Style menu
* Text Times New Roman Cyr
* The Times New Roman Cyr
* Variable Times New Roman Cyr Italic
* The Greek Symbol
* Symbol Symbol
* Matrix-vector of Times New Roman Cyr Bold Paul
* Numbers Times New Roman Cyr
* Menu "Size Normal 10 pt
* Large index - 7 pt
* Small index - 5 pt
* Large symbol - 15 Fri
* Small Symbol - 9pt
When printing the second copy of the installation in the "Size" is changed to 14 pt, 9 pt, 7 pt, 18 pt and 12 pt. All the brackets - () [] {} - type, using a "template brackets on your keyboard. The width of the printed formula should not exceed 8 cm 3. Figures should be through a graphical editor "WORD", "CorelDRAW" all versions, VIZIO, EXCEL or black ink on white paper. Each figure is placed in a separate file. The text of the article we establish a connection with this file. Drawings made not in a graphics editor, served on separate sheets, and photos - in the original. Size of the picture horizontally - 82 or 170 mm. Each figure should have a signature. Numerals in the figures should be proportional to the size of the picture. Thickness contour lines - 0,8-1,0 mm, subsidiary - 0,5 mm, large-scale grid - 0,3 mm. Drawings, which have a position, b ... must be the same height and are arranged horizontally. 4. The size of the tables across - 85 or 170 mm. Maximum size of horizontal - 210 mm. Each table should have a title.
The Editorial Board requests that authors adhere to the rules of registration and submission of manuscripts to the Editor. Subscription index: 22871
Magazine Sections
Information technology, systems analysis and management
Economics and Production Organization
Electronics, radio engineering and telecommunications facilities
Energy and new power generation technology
Materials Science and Engineering
Instrumentation and Instrumentation Engineer
Problems in biology and biotechnology
Problems of energy saving
Problems of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Theoretical and applied problems of physics and mathematics
Editorial board
Editor in chief of The California Courier Zgurovsky. Deputy chief editor MJ Ilchenko. Executive Secretary: PP Maslyanka. Members of the board - the coordinators of scientific directions, MI Sasha, SG Bunin, VY Gorchakov, IA Wilding, AV Zbruchsky, BV Novikov, AM Novikov, EM Written, AV Prahovnik, DF Chernega OG Yurchenko, Y. Yakimenko
Editorial address
Editorial address scientific and technical journal Science to KPI: 03056, Kyiv-56, Prospekt Pobedy, 37
tel. 454-91-23
Manuscripts submitted to the Editor at:
03056, Kyiv-56, Prospekt Pobedy, 37,
National Technical University of Ukraine
"Kiev Polytechnic Institute"
tel. 454-91-23, 1 block KPI, Room 103-B