Information and Telecommunication Sciences

Mailing Address: National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Institute of Telecommunication Systems NTUU «KPI», Industrial provulok, 2, office 604, Kiev, 03056, Ukraine Contacts: Alina Moshinskaya Email:

The program target of our journal is the highlighting of information in the following areas:

−Telecommunication Theory and Signal Processing;
−Construction of Modern and Future Information Exchange Network;
−Wireless Technologies, Systems and Networks;
−Sensor Networks;
−Microwave and Terahertz Technology and Fiber-Optic Systems in Telecommunication;
−Management in the Systems and Telecommunication Networks and Their Modeling;
−Technologies and Programming Tools in Telecommunication Systems;
−Merging of Information and Telecommunication Networks and Services;
−Management of Activity and Infrastructure of Information and Communication Services Providers;
− Services and Service Delivery Platforms Design in the Global Environment;
− Development of Web-Technologies, Models, Methods, Protocols and Means of Software Platforms and Services Interaction;
− Intellectualization and Productivity Improvement;
− History of Telecommunications and Information Technology.

The expected frequency of the updated journal is from 2 to 4 issues per year.

Publication in the journal is free of charge.
Inviting authors to cooperate actively with our journal, I hope to ensure the high scientific level of the journal with joint efforts for the publications were useful for a wide range of professionals.

ISSN: 2411-2976

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