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Stress concentration in nonlinear viscoelastic composites

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
A nonlinear viscoelastic problem of the mechanics of composites is solved within the framework of a second-order nonlinear theory. A viscoelastic functional is used to construct general defining relations. A stochastic boundary value problem for determining the stress concentration and its relaxation in polymer composite materials (PCM) is solved. To derive the complete system of second-order viscoelastic equations, the method of successive approximation is used. A generalization of the correspondence principle to nonlinear viscoelastic media is obtained. The relaxation functions averaged over the viscoelastic matrix and elastic inclusions and the stress concentration parameters are determined. Examples are given showing the importance of the mutual influence of nonlinear elastic and viscous properties of the components on stress redistribution near inclusions in multicomponent PCMs. As a practical result, one can note the possibility of predicting the long-term strength of a material when a viscoelastic stress field is known near inclusions.

Static calculation of the “Spindle unit” elastic system by using transfer matrices method

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Abstract. Methodology, that allows to use the transfer matrices method for the static calculation of spindle unit as elastic system, which consists of a few associate subsystems, has been developed. Restrictions of the dynamic compliances method use for static calculations of «spindle unit» system decomposing has been stated. For such calculations it is suggested to conduct the decoupling of the system with the use of mixed method of indefinable beam systems static calculation. The elastically-deformation model of the «Spindle unit» system, that consist of subsystems: tool, spindle, spindle housing elastically mounted on the machine-tool bed, is being presented. The scheme of decoupling of this system for static calculations has been developed. The analytical solution of task of the elastic displacements calculation in the characteristic points of subsystems has been obtained. The algorithm of static calculation of the «Spindle unit» elastic system has been developed. Offered approach allows applying an identical methodological base for the static and dynamic characteristics simulation of the «Spindle unit» elastic system.

Numerical modelling of bolted composite joints. Bolts rigidity effect on normal stresses in the composite layers

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Modern finite element programs have the opportunity to create finite element models (FEM) by "gluing" uncoordinated meshes of finite elements. This allows, in particular, to obtain relatively small 3D models of polymeric composite materials (PCM) in bolted connections for PC calculations, in which the PCM in the hole zones is modeled layer by layer, and at some distance from them - approximately, according to the theory of the "effective module". In previous model calculations of single-shear two-row bolted connection with PCM (contact task) with detailed layer-by-layer modeling of the PCM structure in the hole zones, regularities were revealed for the distribution of contact forces in the bolt-hole surface contact, bolt stresses and near- contacting in the holes with the lateral surfaces of the bolts. In the article, based on numerical calculations, the regularities of changes in normal stresses on the contact surfaces of holes in PCM, in laying layers at 0 and 90 degrees, were found, depending on the rigidity of the bolts.

Laser transformation hardening effect on hardening zone features and surface hardness of tool steel AISI D2

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
The relationship of technological input regimes of the laser transformation hardening on change the hardening depth, hardening width, and hardening angle, as well as surface hardness of the tool steel AISI D2 using multifactor experiment with elements of the analysis of variance and regression equations was determined. The laser transformation hardening process implemented by controlling the heating temperature using Nd:YAG fiber laser with scanner, pyrometer and proportional-integral-differential controller. The linear and quadratic regression models are developed, as well as response surface to determine the effect of the heating temperature and feed rate of the treated surface on the energy density of the laser beam, hardening depths, hardening width, hardening angle, and surface hardness are designed. The main effect on the energy density of the laser beam has a velocity laser treatment, on the other hand, the main effect on the geometrical parameters of the laser hardened zone and surface hardness has temperature heating are shown. The optimum magnitudes of the heating temperature (1270 °C) and feed rate of the treated surface (90 mm/min) for laser transformation hardening of the tool steel AISI D2 using fiber laser with scanner were defined.

Programming of adaptive machining for end milling

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
The problem of performing adaptive machining to program the milling of the detail contours on the CNC machine in case of virtual-location procurement is solved. The correction of the CNC-program by measuring the actual position of the workpiece on the machine table is proposed, and the correction of the control program can be implemented in the result of solving the task of minimax, when looking for such state of its position in space to the maximum allowance on the machined contour was minimal. A mathematical model is developed that unambiguously identifies the position of the workpiece on the machine table according to the measured coordinates of the three points. The developed algorithms automatically search for the correction of the CNC-program for implementing the principle of adaptive machining solution of the problem of minimax. The soft program is created and the method of designing the CNC-program for a virtual basing of the workpiece on the CNC machine is developed. Experimental testing has confirmed efficiency of the developed technique.

Possibilities of using stability lobe diagram for stability prediction of high speed milling of thin-walled details

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
High-speed milling is a cost and time effective process, which becomes more popular nowadays. It especially available at milling of thin-walled structures of airfoil components. Manufacturer often faced with problem of producing thin-walled parts due to vibration and stability lobes theory in a lot of cases does not allow to avoid this problem by choosing the appropriate cutting conditions. In practice cutting condition for milling of thin walled detail is usually obtained by experimental way. In this paper authors present main differences of thin-walled end milling from classical end milling and show features of thin-walled end milling process and aspects, which effect on quality of surface finish. The aim of the paper is to validate that at high speed thin-walled end milling not only chatter is the reason of unstable cutting condition. Evaluation of stability, obtained by experimental tests, was compared with stability lobe diagram.

Theoretical estimation of fatigue life under regular cyclic loading

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
A model is proposed for the fatigue life estimation of the material with consideration of microstructure, stress concentration and cyclic load ratio. In the fatigue life estimation, the factors, such as grain size, stress concentration and cyclic load ratio are taken into account in the parameter representing the fatigue limit. In order to fill the model, it is sufficient to have results from monotonic tensile testing and characteristics of microstructure of the initial material. The model is tested using the fatigue testing results for specimens of Ti–6Al–4V titanium alloy condensate prepared by electron-beam physical vapor deposition method (EB PVD-method). The specimens had manufacturing defects, such as column defects of different diameters reaching the specimen surface. The model is also tested using the experimental fatigue data for the Ti–6Al–4V titanium alloy taken from the literature for various cyclic load ratios. Comparison between results of calculation and experiment showed a good agreement. The approach proposed can be used for the rapid assessment of fatigue resistance characteristics in new materials development, and also for the remaining life evaluation of structures with no costly and long-term fatigue and fatigue crack growth resistance tests

Rigidity of the affected femurs with systems of surgical treatment

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Purpose. Subject matter of the present paper is to investigate the characteristics of rigidity and reliability of fixing of pathological changes at metastatic defeat are investigated in real, including cyclic, the modes of influence of external loadings. Design/methodology/approach. During experiment was used of extremities without pathology of a bone tissue and with a tumor on a bone tissue . Fixing of bone fragments (osteosynthesis) has been executed by means of the device of external fixing of A. Kostiuk and by means of reinforcing of a metal osteosynthesis by system with application of a extramedullar plate and bone cement. Tests were carried out, transferring freight on the fixed femur fragment change diversely. Ways of loadings: compression, a bend and rotation and cyclically variable freights which model human weight. Results. The reinforced metal osteosynthesis with application of a extramedullar plate and bone cement is more stable method of fixing in comparison with rod devices of external fixing like AVF-K. Fixing of a change in the way of a metal osteosynthesis significantly interferes with development of deformations at action of cyclic loadings. Is the most dangerous from the point of view of physiological reliability for both studied systems of an osteosynthesis bending and rotational loadings. Originality/cost. Results are important for medicine and can improve treatment.

System representation of objects in the context of the practical tasks solving

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
The work aim is to improve the efficiency of problems solving of analysis and synthesis of complex technical objects. Unlike the traditional representation of objects in the form of interactive models of the structure and functions offered its representation is in the system of concepts - the structure, properties and functioning. This has revealed the mechanism of interaction between structure and properties of the object. The mechanism is the elements of the structure produce the planned set of properties through the process of functioning. It is shown that the sequence of activation of these components is determined by task which is solved. The scheme, which reveals the mechanism of interaction between structure and properties of the object illustrated by the example of a hydraulic device - check valve. General scheme of interaction of the structure and the functioning of complex technical object is represented. The proposed representation can be used to solve practical tasks.

The structure of inertial flows in a fuel tank with guide baffles

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Purpose. Research of hydrodynamic mechanism of internal fuel flows in the spacecraft tanks with internal baffles for effective control. Methodology and approach. In the paper it is shown experimental and numerical simulation results of internal fuel flows in the spacecraft tanks with internal baffles, moving on the Earth's orbit. The structure of near wall flows - wall region, wake, around the baffle edges etc are shown. There are several cases that are shown for one, two and many vorticies or circulations around the baffles and outside of them, that characterize the energetic parameters of inertial flows in the tanks. The analysis of the structure and nature of circulating flows in the range of Reynolds numbers 700 ... 12500is presented, which allows to make a picture of axially symmetric circulation flow and rationally arrange the guide baffles in the inertial fuel flows. So, this provides to make a rational choise of effective facilities for compensating the disturbing influences on the tank walls by the fluid and substantial savings in spacecrafts long term flight at the Earth orbit.


Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00

Основною метою наукових та експериментальних досліджень, відображених в цій роботі є пошук рішень, та підходів спрямованих на підвищення продуктивності процесу лазерного сплавлення порошкової композиції ПГСР-3 сфокусованим лазерним випромінюванням.

Аналіз апріорної інформації, показав, складність протікання процесу лазерного сплавлення порошкової композиції з фізичної точки зору з великою кількістю технологічних факторів впливу. Тому в даній роботі було використано метод планування експерименту, який дає можливість отримати більш достовірні результати експериментальних досліджень в порівнянні з іншими методами досліджень. На підставі проведеного експериментального відсіювання, були виділені найбільш вагомі технологічні фактори впливу. Це: масова витрата порошку, геометрична конфігурація засобу доставки порошкової композиції в зону лазерної обробки, швидкість переміщення підкладки.

Для дослідження продуктивності процесу лазерного сплавлення порошкової композиції були застосовані методи математичної статистики, а саме, був обраний симетричний квазі-D-оптимальний план Пісочинського для 3-х технологічних факторів впливу, що має хороші статистичні характеристики та реалізується рівнянням регресії другого порядку. В результаті проведених заходів, було отримано математичну модель процесу лазерного сплавлення порошку сфокусованим лазерним випромінюванням у вигляді поліному другого порядку.

Розроблена методика показала можливість підвищення продуктивності процесу лазерного сплавлення порошку сфокусованим лазерним випромінюванням, за рахунок використання отриманої математичної моделі процесу.


Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Целью настоящей работы является разработка аналитического метода оценки напряжённого состояния в зонах концентрации напряжений, обусловленной геометрической неоднородностью сварных соединений с двусторонним симметричным усилением, при растяжении и изгибе, а также обоснование математических формул для определения коэффициента концентрации напряжений (ККН) с более широкой областью достоверности, чем у имеющихся на сегодняшний день формул. На базе гипотезы ломаных сечений установлены условия равновесия действующих в сечении напряжений с внешними силовыми факторами, что позволило при помощи математических выражений описать напряжённое состояние в зонах концентрации, как по контуру зоны перехода шва на основной металл, так и по глубине сварного соединения. Посредством анализа установленных выражений получены формулы для определения коэффициентов концентрации напряжений при растяжении и изгибе. Для стыковых сварных соединений с относительным радиусом перехода шва на основной металл от 0,4 до 2,6 произведён расчёт ККН по формулам разработанного метода, а также численный расчёт методом конечных элементов. В результате установлено, что максимальное отклонение результатов расчётов при растяжении составило 1,10 %, а при изгибе – 0,91 %, что говорит о высокой точности предложенных формул на всём исследованном интервале.

The simulation of radial-backward extrusion processes of hollow parts

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Purpose. The comparison of different design schemes with simulation of upper bound method in combined radial-backward extrusion and investigation of power mode in extrusion process with hollow part such as cup of flange from solid billet are considered. Design/methodology/approach. The different kinematics modules are compared. The kinematics of velocity field and best kinematics modules such as triangular curved modules are defined. Linearization integrands dependencies are shown that inefficiencies due to difficulties in the selection of suitable approximate functions for a total volume of keystone modules. For getting upper bound ratings deformation forces in these modules are used approximate integration based on the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. Findings. The comparison of theoretical and experimental in pressure deformation and metal flow speed between themselves and so the obtained results of finite element method are shown received dependences acceptability for technological calculations of power parameters and evaluation of forming parts. Originality/value. The resulting solutions are used for evaluating character of deformation billets receiving the filling of the die cavity and the possibility of the form stamped parts deviations such as dimple.

Динамічне управління коливаннями при точінні

Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Коливання грають вирішальну роль при точінні, зокрема при формуванні мікропрофілю поверхні. Їх вплив особливо проявляється при точінні деталей діаметром менше 10-12 мм з використанням великих, 5000 об/хв та більше частот обертання шпинделя. Вимушені коливання на таких частотах близькі до власних частот технологічної системи та підсилюються за рахунок явища резонансу. Відомо, що при кожному положенні супорту форми і частоти коливань технологічної системи різні. Відомі ідеї, які пропонують динамічно управляти параметрами для зменшення амплітуди коливань. Метою даної роботи є виявлення ефектів, які забезпечують зменшення амплітуди коливань в зазначених умовах при динамічному управлінні параметрами верстата та визначення границь застосування такого способу контролю над коливаннями. Експериментальні дослідження підтвердили можливість зменшення амплітуди коливань та шорсткості обробленої поверхні при зміні розподілу мас у технологічній системі. Модальний аналіз дослідного стенду, виконаний методом скінчених елементів, показав, що зміна розподілу мас у технологічній системі призводить до зміни форми коливань. Отже зменшення амплітуди переміщень вершини інструмента по відношенню до шпинделя можливо за рахунок постійного забезпечення положення вершини леза у вузлі коливань. Це ефект легше реалізувати, чим більша частота обертання шпинделя використовується.


Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00

Предложено оценивать параметры механических свойств поверхностного слоя рабочих элементов из поликристаллических сверхтвердых композитов на основе кубического нитрида бора режущих инструмент по результатам анализа сканограмм, полученных методом склерометрирования. Представлено теоретическое обоснование метода и рассмотрены термодинамические показатели механических свойств поверхностного слоя – величину активационного барьера запуска процесса производства энтропии и способность к производству энтропии при приложении дозированного воздействия. Приведены результаты экспериментальных исследований работоспособности режущих инструментов из сверхтвердых композитов, полученные при точении закаленных сталей, подтверждающие теоретические выкладки.


Чтв, 06/22/2017 - 00:00
Results of development torch to magnetically operated   welding arc are defined. Changing the design of the electrode unit is provided the ability to create within the area of the arc magnetic field and induction given configuration without additional equipment. The features of the arc in an axial magnetic field which make it possible to avoid the welding process of unsteady abnormalities resulted in the inappropriate formation of defects in welds. Significant increase in the depth of  weld penetration is connected with the more concentrated magnetically operated   welding arc transmission energy to the product. It is concluded about the feasibility of using a designed torch for the implementation of modern technological processes non-consumable electrode welding.